Made with a traditional West Coast sourdough starter for that crispy crust and rich, tangy taste.

Size: 7.0"D x 3.0"H

Tuscan White

Just what you would expect from a Tuscan recipe—crispy crust, moist open center, and a light dusting of flour on top.

Size: 8.5"D x 3.50"H


At 24 oz., this is the largest of our sourdough boules. Used as a soup bowl or sliced as a dinner side, this is a family favorite.

Size: 8.0"D x 4.0"H

Poppin Wheat

This hearty boule is made with honey, raisins and whole wheat flour then topped with a sprinkling of cracked wheat.

Size: 7.0"D x 3.5"H

San Joaquin Gold Cheese

Want to offer something new? This cheddarfilled boule is sure to please the palate with its sharp tang and crispy crust.

Size: 7.0"D x 3.0"H

Peasant Rye

This boule teems with a hearty rye flavor and just a hint of caraway.

Size: 7.0"D x 3.0"H

Monterey Sourdough

This boule has the tang of a natural sourdough starter and a golden brown crust with a lightly floured top.

Size: 7.0"D x 3.0"H

Raisin Walnut

This boule is chock-full of plump raisins and the best walnuts, making it a breakfast favorite for the whole family.

Size: 7.0"D x 3.0"H

Cranberry Walnut

When you're looking for something special, offer this round loaf filled with tangy cranberries and crunchy walnuts.

Size: 7.0"D x 3.0"H

Rosemary Olive Oil

The pairing of olive oil and rosemary make this the perfect boule for flavor seekers.

Size: 7.0"D x 3.0"H


This delicious round loaf, with a dusting of flour and golden brown crust, pairs wonderfully with any favorite Italian specialty.

Size: 7.0"D x 3.0"H

Sourdough Soup Boule

For that single serving of soup, this is the one. This boule is the perfect size for a hollow center filled with chili, soup or chowder.

Size: 5.5"D x 3.0"H

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